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Victorian button backed linlaid sofa with french upholstery techniques






July 2011

The fabrics page of this site is currently being updated.  The intention is to provide an insight into the wide range of fabrics available such as Damask, Silks and Crewel. 

This is not intended to be a referance work but more an introduction to the wonderful choices available to the discerning customer.   Do let me know if you have any comments!

  Victorian button backed linlaid sofa with french upholstery techniques


A group from the Kent branch of the AMUSF, with friends, visited the Bluebell Railway early in the month. A great time was had by all, with visits to the newly opened museum and specially arranged guided tours of the Carriage Works and Locomotive Department.  

 Travelling the nine miles from Sheffield Park to Kingscote, the party were able to enjoy the sites and sounds of a steam hauled country railway through beautiful rolling countryside.

Rolling stock spanning one hundred years of construction from the 1880's onwards was running and some time was spent looking at the upholstery techniques employed in the restoration of these historic vehicles. 






 Victorian button backed linlaid sofa with french upholstery techniques 


May 2011

Readers of "The Lady" (10 May 2011) will have seen an article entitled "Chuff, Chuff..... and Away!" regarding one of my favourite hobbies.  


 Victorian button backed linlaid sofa with french upholstery techniques



From earlier

I do get involved is some of the most unexpected projects!

I made this costume for a fund-raising charity event in support of 'Lion Aid'. 

The gentleman sitting in the chair is Dr Pieter Kat from Lionaid.  He very kindly agreed to pose on a chair I had recently upholstered.  Both venue and chair were generously made available to us by the owner for this photo shoot.

The Lion costume was used at the LionAid Paintballing Day event at Great Chart on the 22nd July 2010 and was later auctioned in support of the charity, receiving some considerable interest! 

Lionaid, Upholstered wingback chair, in check fabric by James Hare Silks and trimmings by Trimont.



LIon Aid, charity event, lion costume




Costome made for charity event. Lion aid


 Victorian button backed linlaid sofa with french upholstery techniques



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